Oh Autumn, Where art thou?

After a wonderful but super hot summer I am definitely ready for cooler temperatures. Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows and thanks to the venues who had me play! Now that I am not quite so busy I am able to focus on honing  my skills for even better performances. I am writing new songs and hope to be back in the Boundless Sounds studio soon to record them and share them with you! Right now, I'm developing a loop pedal set that will allow me to play my flutes, guitar, accordion, and whatever else almost at the same time. I have really enjoyed experimenting.

One of the largest challenges I faced over the summer was the loss of my Chevy Blazer. Due to my negligence. Thank goodness for AAA. My grandmother was also generous to loan me her vehicle to transport myself to my gigs. After 3 months of saving I was finally able to buy a 2003 Ford Explorer. This new vehicle will allow me to travel further than I ever have before! I am excited to travel and share my songs with new audiences and see sights I have always wanted to see.

I can hardly believe it is Ocotober! That means it is almost time for Suwannee Roots Revival! This music is a promising new festival with deep roots! I look forward to enjoying the beauty of the park, and hearing some really great music. Here is my festival preview from The Jamwich!  This is a fantastic festival for anyone who loves Americana Music, camping, and good times with friends.


Thanks to everyone for your loyal support by coming to my shows, downloading my songs online, and those who have bought cd's. I will have more content for you to enjoy soon!