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My New Podcast Sunshine State Showcase Launches September 24th 2023!   

Introducing: Sunshine State Showcase

The balmy Gulf breezes and dreamy sunsets of Florida have long painted a canvas of inspiration for many. From the hypnotic hum of the Everglades to the spirited beats of Miami's nightlife, every corner of our state resonates with a unique essence. As someone deeply connected to these rhythms, I'm excited to announce the launch of the "Sunshine State Showcase" on September 24th, available wherever you get your podcasts. This isn't just any podcast; it's a "geo-local podcast". For those unfamiliar with the term, a geo-local podcast focuses specifically on the stories, talents, and nuances of a particular geographical area, in our case, the diverse and rich tapestry of Florida. It's an invitation to explore our state's artistic heartbeat, one episode at a time.

The Heart of Sunshine State Showcase:

At its core, the "Sunshine State Showcase" is a testament to Florida's boundless creativity and cultural richness. While many associate our state with pristine beaches, theme parks, or retirement communities, there's so much more that often remains unexplored. Each town, city, and enclave within our borders has its own set of artists, musicians, storytellers, and visionaries, each adding their unique brushstrokes to Florida's expansive mural.

The idea for this geo-local podcast was born out of a desire to spotlight these voices—to weave a narrative that transcends the usual and traverses into the extraordinary. From the singer-songwriters who craft melodies inspired by our landscapes to the visual artists capturing our state's essence on canvas, from the playwrights bringing our history to life on stage to the small businesses that are the lifeblood of our communities, "Sunshine State Showcase" is here to celebrate them all.

It's about amplifying voices that might otherwise go unheard, sharing stories that evoke both nostalgia and anticipation, and fostering a community that takes pride in Florida's multifaceted identity.

Photo by Lou Columbus 

Diving into the Showcase:

One of the most exhilarating aspects of curating the "Sunshine State Showcase" has been the journey of discovery. Each episode is a new adventure, a chance to meet fascinating individuals who contribute to Florida's creative spirit.

  • Episode One - An Artist's Odyssey: The inaugural episode is a window into my world. Join me as I unravel my story as an artist, touching upon the inspirations, challenges, and the serendipitous events that led me to the realm of local podcasting. It's an intimate reflection, an invitation to understand the passion driving this project.
  • Episode Two - Art in the Aftermath with Brianna Bennett: Art often emerges most poignantly from adversity. In this episode, we explore the world of visual art in Bay County post-Hurricane Michael with Brianna Bennett. Her insights shed light on the resilience of artists and the role of art in healing and community rebuilding.
  • Episode Three - Stories from the Stage with Nancy Hasty: Theater has a unique power to transport us to different eras, places, and emotions. Playwright Nancy Hasty takes us on a journey through the narratives she's crafted, set against the backdrop of DeFuniak Springs. From historical tales to contemporary reflections, it's a celebration of storytelling.

And this is just the beginning! As we move forward, expect episodes that traverse the lengths and breadths of Florida's artistic genres. From music to literature, culinary arts to traditional crafts, every episode is a pledge to showcase the talent that makes our state a cultural treasure.


Join the Showcase Community:

The "Sunshine State Showcase" is more than just a podcast—it's a movement, a collective of individuals who share a deep appreciation for Florida's art and culture. As we embark on this journey, your support and engagement will be the wind beneath our wings.

Here's how you can be an integral part of our community:

  • Tune In: Mark your calendars for September 24th and ensure you're following on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your preferred podcast platform. With fresh episodes on the 2nd and last Thursday of every month, there's always something new to look forward to.
  • Spread the Word: Help amplify our mission! Share episodes with friends, family, and fellow enthusiasts. A simple share can introduce someone new to the wonders of Florida's creative scene.
  • Engage Online: Follow us on our social media channels. Like, comment, share, and engage with our posts. Your interactions not only boost our online presence but also foster a vibrant community of art lovers and Florida enthusiasts.
  • Sponsor an Episode: If you're passionate about Florida's arts and culture and want to play a pivotal role in promoting it, consider sponsoring an episode. This not only helps sustain the podcast but also provides an opportunity for businesses and individuals to align with a cause close to their hearts. For sponsorship details and benefits, reach out to me directly at 
  • Merchandise & More: Keep an eye out for our exciting range of merchandise, from mousepads to stickers, all adorned with our unique podcast art designed by upcoming guest Brianna Bennett. Wearing or using them is not only a style statement but also a nod to your support for local arts and stories.
  • See You in Person: If you spot me at events or around town, come over and say hi! There's nothing like connecting in person, sharing stories, and building lasting relationships.

Your involvement is pivotal in ensuring that the stories we share reach far and wide, touching hearts and inspiring minds. Together, we can ensure that the "Sunshine State Showcase" becomes a beacon for all things artistic in Florida.

A Journey of Discovery and Celebration:

Florida is a state steeped in history, enriched by diverse cultures, and brought to life by its creative communities. The "Sunshine State Showcase" podcast is a tribute to every individual, story, and art form that has contributed to this rich tapestry. From the panhandle to the Keys, from bustling cities to tranquil coastal towns, every episode is an exploration, a celebration, and a tribute.

As we countdown to our launch, my heart swells with gratitude for the journey so far and anticipation for the tales yet to be told. This podcast, in many ways, is a love letter to Florida and its incredible inhabitants. It's an ode to the resilience of our communities, the vibrancy of our arts, and the depth of our histories.

Let's Shine Together:

Whether you're a longtime resident or someone who's just fallen in love with Florida, whether you're an artist or an admirer, I invite you to be a part of this journey. Let's celebrate, discover, and shine a spotlight on our state's awe-inspiring creative side. I truly believe that when we come together, the stories we tell and the art we create can light up the world.

Stay inspired and see you on September 24th!


My Journey from Music to Podcasting 

A Long Overdue Catch-up

Hey ya'll! 

Just like the Florida spring that's blooming into a summer, my life has been blossoming in ways I never could've imagined. It's been a hot minute since we last caught up, and do I have some stories to share!

An Apology and a New Direction

First off, I owe you an apology for going off the radar. The last three years have been a wild ride, full of transformation and growth. It's been so intense that it's shifted my career in a new direction. But don't worry, I'm still strumming my guitar and penning songs. Music is in my veins, and that's not changing anytime soon.

Diving into the World of Podcasting

But here's the plot-twist - I've been diving headfirst into the world of podcasting. For almost three years, I've been hosting my own local podcast, the St. Andrews Jezebel Podcast. We've got over 100 episodes under our belt, and it's been a blast!

Expanding My Horizons

 I've been producing the "My Happy Ass Life" podcast, hosted by the fabulous Karen Key Smith. Plus, I've been dipping my toes into marketing with CMT 4 Me, a podcast by the Charcot Marie Tooth Association.

A New Venture and Keeping the Roots Alive

I've been creating social media content for a handful of clients and growing my client base for my new venture - ADF Media. This digital content creation agency is my latest passion project. We're all about producing podcasts, social media content, YouTube videos, and more for all you creatives out there.

Amidst all these new adventures, I've kept my roots in music journalism, regularly contributing to The Jamwich. This year, I'm celebrating a decade in the biz! Plus, I've got some juicy news about The St. Andrews Jezebel Podcast that I can't wait to spill.

Keeping the Music Alive

On the music front, I recently had the honor of opening for Bill and The Belles at Historic Roberts Hall in Lynn Haven, Florida. A big shout out to Tim Parrish for making that possible. I've also been performing at the Florida Folk Fest in White Springs, Florida, and have had the pleasure of performing at the Barberville Pioneer Settlement twice in the past year.

A Journey of Growth and Gratitude

Through all these changes and new experiences, I'm still growing as a songwriter and as a person. I'm grateful for the opportunities I've had and for the support from all of you. Thank you for being part of my journey. I look forward to sharing more updates and exciting news with you in the future.

Stay tuned, stay safe, and keep the music playing.

With love, Ashley Feller

Introducing The St. Andrews Jezebel Podcast   

This is something I've been wanting to do for quite a while now. I am so happy to share with you the pilot episode of The. St. Andrews Jezebel podcast which debuted September 24th 2020. The next episode will be available October 6th 2020. The show shares many of the events happening in Historic St. Andrews, a little St. Andrews History, as well as interviews with some salty locals. St. Andrews is my hometown and it is an absolute joy to be able to share and promote the revitalization of the place I love. Thank you everyone for your support in this project. Episode one and all future episodes are available to stream here but they are also available on Spotify, and Apple podcasts. Please follow The St. Andrews Jezebel Podcast on Facebook for more updates


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Summer 2020 Shows? 

I cannot remember a more beautiful spring than we have recently had. Here in Florida the temperatures continue to rise and it already feels like summer. My heart mourns the loss of not playing at the 2020 Florida Folk Fest but I know it was a crucial step the festival organizers had to take to ensure public safety. All is not lost. Florida is lifting more and more restrictions by the week. Memorial Day Weekend was absolutely buzzing with eager vacationers here in Panama City Beach. This summer is a unique one for me. I am so blessed to have an entire summer of private gigs at a few condos three nights a week for the summer. I am also in the process of booking some local shows for the days I am not performing for resort guests. 

I want to say thank you so much to the Bay County locals who have shown me so much love and support during these uncertain times. For a while, all I knew to do was livestream on Facebook. This was theraputic for me, and I am grateful this technology is in place. I am so fortunate to be in a place where there is such a great sense of community and support for the arts and entertainment industry. We cannot do this without the people who support it and I am eternally grateful for everyone. 

Although we live in uncertain times right now I can't help but see hope on the horizon. I learned after surviving Hurricane Michael that a lot of art is made following disaster. People need an artistic outlet to alllow themselves to cope with the trauma. The Covid-19 pandemic might not be destructive in the way that a category five hurricane was but never the less it is causing a lot of pain for not one small area but for most of the world. My hope is that as restrictions are eased, soceity adapts in the healthiest way possible. 

The future of live events is hazy. It may be a long time before large scale concerts and festivals are able to resume but I don't belive it will be forever. I am grateful to have the skillset and equiptment to perform for smaller situations until things improve. I hope everyone continues to do everything to take care of themselves and to love their neighbors. Everyone's journey through this is not the same. My heart goes out to the small business owners who are struggling and to anyone who is suffering from the damage of Covid-19. My thoughts are with you. Stay tuned for updates on new content and shows. Thank you everyone for all the kindness. 

Ashley Feller's Birthday Single Release! September 24th! 

For my birthday on  September 24th I am releasing a live version of my song "St. Andrew Jezebel" recorded live in January 2019 at Eddie Owen Presents in Atlanta. The single will be available for $1.00 on my website as well as youtube, spotify, google play, itunes, apple music and more. I'm asking everyone who wants to download the single to donate $1.00 for future car repairs. As many of you know I have had a hell of a year when it comes to my tour vehicle. 

The single will be available on for a $1.00 donation. After the 8th of October it will be available to stream for free. Thank you to everyone for believing in me, and supporting live music and local business.

Excuse me while I un-festival! 

It was an honor to perform my home grown tunes at the 67th Annual Florida Folk Festival special thanks to Elaine Towns McGrath for coordinating such a gem of an event and I feel so happy to have performed there. Everyone was incredibly welcoming and kind to me. It was definitely a memorable experience and I am already anticipating next year's festival. 

Resting and recovering with friends in Keaton Beach. This is a part of Florida I have never explored! This is a charming remote area and I am most grateful to my friends for their hospitality. 

Heading to Dunedin, Florida to perform at Ashley Feller Live at Woodwright Brewing Company this Friday at 8pm! Woodwright Brewing Company has a fantastic selection of beers brewed on site and I am excited to return. 


If we make it through December.... 

As one of my country heroes Merle Haggard brilliantly penned "If we make it through December we'll be fine". I certainly hope so. It has been nearly two months since the Florida was stuck by Hurricane Michael. The storm completely destroyed Mexico Beach, and severely damaged Panama City as well as several rural communities. I never thought in all my life that everything could be changed in a matter of a few hours. But, it has. Panama City has been my home for all my life and now the place I know and love is for lack of a better word "gone". The majority of people I know either need a roof, a fence, electrical work, tree removal or a new house all together! Not to mention most of the businesses in Panama City are no longer operational and need some time to make repairs and some businesses are closed forever. Housing is among one of the most serious issues the residents of Panama City are facing. Thousands were illegally evicted from rental properties and many have been rejected for assistance by FEMA. To shed some light on the darkness I have seen more help from the community than by any federal agency. The Red Cross, Salvation Army and various groups from all over the country have come and helped the community with repairs and clearing their yards of debris. To my friends who have helped you know who you are and I am forever grateful for your love and kindness. 

We have made progress but it will take years before this area is close to recovery. The change in the landscape alone is shocking. I now see the sunrise and sunset more than ever before because 90% of the trees are gone. I never thought I would be heart broken over trees. It is also a much colder winter than some years previous. There are people still living in tents and are being told to move in just a few days. The shelters are closed and public empathy has faded. We are old news. But, we are a resilient community and we will get through this as hard as it may be. There are wonderful people in the community gathering donations to ensure the children have a nice Christmas and families are fed. This Friday I am so excited to take part in a fundraiser called, "Rising TIdes" which will be at Monet Monet Gardens in Grayton beach. I'll be playing my songs and there will also be many great local bands performing inside and out. This fundraiser is to help artists affected by Hurricane Michael. 

I believe the power of music brings healing. It evokes joy when none can be found and I believe it is my civic and ethical duty to play music for anyone hurting from this crisis. So I am excited to take part in Christmas caroling in St. Andrew on December 21st with The Wabi Sabis, and Caliope Pettis! Floriopolis which is a local community art center and gallery will also be hosting an open jam at the St. Andrew Civic club December 25th at 7pm. I will definitely be there eager to play music with anyone who shows up with an instrument or would like to sing. Everyone is welcome to bring games, artsy things to share and leftover treats for all of us to share. When we pull together our light shines bright and the warmth resonates to all of us. Together we are 850 Strong as many have proudly proclaimed throughout the community. It is my Christmas wish that for just one day everyone is able to enjoy their families and reflect on the blessings we do have. There is no reason to suffer alone this Christmas, please come join us in St. Andrew for the fantastic community events planned. Let's find the joy and love together and rise from the ashes stronger than ever. To all my friends, fans, and family, Happy Holidays!


Oh Autumn, Where art thou? 

After a wonderful but super hot summer I am definitely ready for cooler temperatures. Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows and thanks to the venues who had me play! Now that I am not quite so busy I am able to focus on honing  my skills for even better performances. I am writing new songs and hope to be back in the Boundless Sounds studio soon to record them and share them with you! Right now, I'm developing a loop pedal set that will allow me to play my flutes, guitar, accordion, and whatever else almost at the same time. I have really enjoyed experimenting.

One of the largest challenges I faced over the summer was the loss of my Chevy Blazer. Due to my negligence. Thank goodness for AAA. My grandmother was also generous to loan me her vehicle to transport myself to my gigs. After 3 months of saving I was finally able to buy a 2003 Ford Explorer. This new vehicle will allow me to travel further than I ever have before! I am excited to travel and share my songs with new audiences and see sights I have always wanted to see.

I can hardly believe it is Ocotober! That means it is almost time for Suwannee Roots Revival! This music is a promising new festival with deep roots! I look forward to enjoying the beauty of the park, and hearing some really great music. Here is my festival preview from The Jamwich!  This is a fantastic festival for anyone who loves Americana Music, camping, and good times with friends.


Thanks to everyone for your loyal support by coming to my shows, downloading my songs online, and those who have bought cd's. I will have more content for you to enjoy soon!


Thank you to everyone who supports live music and local business! 

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