Summer 2020 Shows?

I cannot remember a more beautiful spring than we have recently had. Here in Florida the temperatures continue to rise and it already feels like summer. My heart mourns the loss of not playing at the 2020 Florida Folk Fest but I know it was a crucial step the festival organizers had to take to ensure public safety. All is not lost. Florida is lifting more and more restrictions by the week. Memorial Day Weekend was absolutely buzzing with eager vacationers here in Panama City Beach. This summer is a unique one for me. I am so blessed to have an entire summer of private gigs at a few condos three nights a week for the summer. I am also in the process of booking some local shows for the days I am not performing for resort guests. 

I want to say thank you so much to the Bay County locals who have shown me so much love and support during these uncertain times. For a while, all I knew to do was livestream on Facebook. This was theraputic for me, and I am grateful this technology is in place. I am so fortunate to be in a place where there is such a great sense of community and support for the arts and entertainment industry. We cannot do this without the people who support it and I am eternally grateful for everyone. 

Although we live in uncertain times right now I can't help but see hope on the horizon. I learned after surviving Hurricane Michael that a lot of art is made following disaster. People need an artistic outlet to alllow themselves to cope with the trauma. The Covid-19 pandemic might not be destructive in the way that a category five hurricane was but never the less it is causing a lot of pain for not one small area but for most of the world. My hope is that as restrictions are eased, soceity adapts in the healthiest way possible. 

The future of live events is hazy. It may be a long time before large scale concerts and festivals are able to resume but I don't belive it will be forever. I am grateful to have the skillset and equiptment to perform for smaller situations until things improve. I hope everyone continues to do everything to take care of themselves and to love their neighbors. Everyone's journey through this is not the same. My heart goes out to the small business owners who are struggling and to anyone who is suffering from the damage of Covid-19. My thoughts are with you. Stay tuned for updates on new content and shows. Thank you everyone for all the kindness.